All Tortuga Outdoor products are constructed with high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the elements and last many years.

Resin Wicker

wicker weave in outdoor furniture

The term wicker refers to a process of weaving material in order to construct a particular product. Traditionally, wicker was made from rattan such as reeds, vines, and palm stems. Unfortunately, these materials can break down over time, especially when they’re constantly exposed to the elements.

Our furniture is constructed using resin wicker that’s made from polyethylene.  This means our furniture can last up to ten times longer than outdoor furniture made from traditional rattan.

Powder Coated Aluminum

aluminum outdoor furniture

Aluminum is pound for pound one of the strongest and lightweight materials on Earth. Powder coating provides an additional protective barrier that helps prevent corrosion and chipping.

Aluminium’s lightweight and weather-resistant properties make it the ideal material for outdoor furniture. Examples of our collections with aluminum frames – Lakeview, Melbourne, Sea Pines.

Powder Coated Steel

powder coating steel outdoor furniture

If strength & affordability are your priorities, you may want to consider outdoor furniture made with steel frames. Powder coated steel provides adequate protection against all most forms of weathering, but can still rust if moisture is able to penetrate the frame. Steel furniture is best used on covered porches and patios.

Teak Wood

teak wood outdoor furniture

Teak is a tropical hardwood native to Southern Asia. As a building material, teak is highly valued, especially for products that need to withstand the elements (like outdoor furniture). The natural oils in teak act as a preservative, giving the wood a beautiful, long-lasting finish.

All of our teak products bear the Legal Wood stamp, ensuring the materials were harvested in accordance with international laws and sustainability practices.