Finding The Right Outdoor Dining Set

As temperatures start to drop, you probably can’t help but wonder about the best ways to go out and get some air without getting too cold. Eating outdoors provides the perfect opportunity to step outside and switch things up a bit.

To have a great outdoor dining experience, you need a great outdoor dining set. Choosing the right one will give you and your loved ones an intimate, enjoyable setting.

Purchasing an outdoor dining set is key to having a meal outside the right way. Whether you want to eat next to your pool, on your patio, or near your outdoor kitchen, it’s important to know how to pick your furniture.

Here are five questions you should ask yourself before buying an outdoor dining set.

How Big Is The Space?

You’ll find countless outdoor furniture options to buy, so it may be a little difficult to choose one as soon as possible. However, you need to take a moment to visualize how the perfect set would sit on your patio. Otherwise, you may end up with furniture that’s too big or too small, and nobody likes that!

Portside 5pc Outdoor Wicker Dining Set (Southwest Amber)

outdoor dining table

The key to finding the perfect dining set is to figure out how much space you have available. Remember, you’ll have to fit a table, chairs, and people all at once – and you don’t want to be the one who has to move heavy chairs around all the time!

The key to finding the perfect dining set is to figure out how much space you have available. Remember, you’ll have to fit a table, chairs, and people all at once – and you don’t want to be the one who has to move heavy chairs around all the time!

Portside 5pc Outdoor Wicker Dining Set (Dark Roast)

Wicker Dining Table

The Portside 5pc Outdoor Wicker Dining Set comes in coastal white, dark roast, or southwest amber. It’s a simple and elegant dining set you and your guests will love. It’s beautiful, comfortable, and highly versatile.

What’s The Color Scheme To Follow?

Your home has a color palette and choosing the right style for your dining set can make it look even better. Often, picking a similar color scheme is all you need to achieve complete synergy in your outdoor space.

Marquesas 5pc Outdoor Dining Set

outdoor patio table

Colors are important: they set the mood and evoke emotions. You can make a room feel warmer with the right colors (and make it look bigger or smaller too). When you choose your next dining set, you want to pick colors that create harmony and balance in your home.

Take a moment to look at your outdoor space from different angles, so you can figure out the best color scheme possible. You want your table and chairs to combine with every aspect of your house.

Are you going to place your dining set next to your pool? You might want lighter, calmer colors for that setting. Will your dining set be next to your outdoor kitchen? Figure out the best way to match the colors and make your next dining experience even more appetizing.

However, choosing a dining set with neutral colors will ensure your furniture will blend with your current house and any future house you’ll move into, and it doesn’t get any better than The Marquesas 5pc Outdoor Dining Set for that. It’s the traditional outdoor dining set everyone loves.

How Many Chairs Do We Need?

Do you have a big family? Are you planning to invite a lot of people to your next party? Figuring out the number of people you’ll have on your patio is key to choosing the perfect dining set.

For example, a small dining set with 4 chairs will be enough for your family and a few friends. For bigger events like parties or family reunions, 7 to 9 chairs will be a better number.

However, how big of a space you have will determine how many chairs you can fit. For smaller spaces, a small number of chairs will help you fit other furniture there too.

Maracay 9pc Outdoor Dining Set

wicker patio furniture

Those who love to host big events outside will love The Maracay 9pc Outdoor Dining Set: it’s the go-to dining set for people who want everyone to sit and have a good time.

What Type Of Chair Do We Need?

You’ve probably sat on very uncomfortable chairs before – and that’s not something you want for your home! The perfect chair will be cushioned, so upholstery plays a big deal when choosing a chair.

Jakarta Teak 5pc Outdoor Dining Set with Wicker Chairs

Teak Wood Patio Furniture

Everything from padding to fabrics and more is important when choosing the right upholstered chair. Of course, your chair must be weather-resistant, so it won’t get damaged after it rains for the first time. Having strong chairs also help with the occasional soda spill from time to time.

However, hard chairs are a classic choice for dining sets, and there are quite comfortable ones out there.

Do you want the perfect combination between style and comfort? The Jakarta Teak 5pc Outdoor Dining Set with Wicker Chairs is as stylish as it is comfortable, so you know you can’t go wrong when you choose it for your outdoor area.

What Tabletop Shape Is Best?

After you decide the type of chairs you want, you need to pick the right table. It all comes down to how big your patio is and its shape. For example, certain patios have a lot of curves, so you want a table that works well with the space.

There’s a wide variety of tables for you to choose from. Making the right choice will improve your outdoor space. In contrast, make the wrong choice, and you will find it hard to move around. At the same time, avoiding tables with sharp edges is a must if you have small children around.

Portside 7pc Outdoor Wicker Dining Set (Dark Roast)

outdoor wicker furniture

The Portside 7pc Outdoor Wicker Dining Set is perfect for both toddlers and adults, and it will make a fine addition to your patio, no matter its shape.

It’s Dinner Time!

You’ll find a lot of options for your patio in our catalogue. That presents the perfect opportunity to choose the right dining set for you. Remember to think about the space you have, the right color scheme to follow, and the type of chairs and table you need.

Choosing the right dining set could grant you countless outdoor memories with your family and friends! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on how to choose the perfect outdoor dining set for you.

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