Elements of a Coastal Backyard

Summer is meant for relaxation and unwinding outdoors while appreciating nature with family and friends. But perhaps your patio is not exactly the idyllic scene you want, and it’s stopping your from taking full advantage of the season. If so, let us help you breathe new life into it!

Are you planning on giving your outdoor space a new style? Well, a beach or coastal cottage is one charming look that oozes coziness. Nothing beats the feeling of spending time on a comfortable peachy porch surrounded by slow crashing and swelling of ocean sounds, the smell of salty water, and seagull cries. It is the epitome of relaxation and happiness.

If you are looking for inspirational ideas to create coastal outdoor living spaces, this post will steer you in the right direction. The beach-inspired decor you need in your backyard doesn’t have to be the typical cheesy sea life and beach motifs everywhere. We cannot supply the seagulls and sand for a perfect beach cottage, but we will share great coastal furniture ideas to turn your patio into a dream beach vacation spot.

You will feel like you’re living in a delightful beachside bungalow, giving you the impression of being on vacation. Whenever you need relaxation and entertainment sessions, you can conveniently walk into an inviting private space in your backyard – a beachy paradise. No planning, packing, traveling, booking, and dealing with crowds.  Here are tips to create your dream coastal-style patio.

The Basics

A coastal design typically incorporates many natural elements. However, we will first draw our attention to calming and relaxing elements. An outdoor space cluttered with little decor pieces can appear busy, confusing, chaotic, and overstated. At some point, you may find yourself starting to avoid your coastal backyard.

So, as you go shopping for outdoor patio furniture, start with the large items. Figure out the function and usage of the furniture pieces to make better selections.

Do you want a coastal patio where you can relax and unwind after work or during the weekend? Ideally, you should get an the Portside 4pc Outdoor Wicker Seating Set. It’s super comfortable and perfect for those quiet moments.

Portside 4pc Outdoor Wicker Seating Set (Coastal White)

Outdoor Wicker Set

Rio Vista 6pc Fire Table Sofa Set

Patio Sofa Set

What if you want an outdoor space for hanging out with family and friends? Consider a sofa set with a fire pit. The Rio Vista 6pc Fire Table Sofa Set from Tortuga Outdoor can brighten and cozy up your space while providing sufficient room to gather around the fire. Plus, it makes even the colder months feel warm and inviting with the smooth full flames it creates.

You can go the classic way of creating a beachy paradise with Sea Pines outdoor wicker dining and seating furniture. With our wide variety of styles and sizes you’ll be spoiled for choice. You can achieve purpose with whatever coastal inspired wicker set you choose.

The Colors

A great color combination can evoke the happy feelings of vacation. Give your coastal patio some vibrant colors that make your private space an irresistible paradise.

The blues, greens, creams, and tans are timeless beachy colors. Classy neutrals tied in with pops of fresh color make a great start to set the right mood. Pairing beige and turquoise evokes feelings of relaxation.

9PC Melbourne Deep Seating Sofa & Loveseat Set

Deep Seating Sofa

9PC Melbourne Deep Seating Sofa & Loveseat Set

Patio Deep Seating Set

However, considering most sets come in neutral colors it’s smart to add color where it matters. With outdoor pillows, you get to kill two birds with one stone. They serve as an eye-catching decorative element while adding a touch of comfort.

Throw pillows and cushions with navy blue, coral, minty green, teal, and turquoise hues can add beachy colors to your patio without feeling overbearing.

Our backyard furniture cushions and pillows are available for different chair styles and can complement any patio space.

The Tables and Storage

When sprucing up your outdoor space with coastal elements, consider incorporating a few stylish and functional accent pieces.

An outdoor side table can provide extra space to place drinks and food without having to reach the central table. You can elevate your space with the modern Rio Vista Wicker Side Table, which comes with a tempered glass tabletop. You can also try a Teak end table for a functional little piece with a more natural look.

Rio Vista Wicker Side Table

Outdoor Side Table

Medium Outdoor Wicker Storage Deck Box (White) – 90 gal.

Wicker Patio Storage Box

The Medium Outdoor Wicker Storage Deck Box is also a perfect addition to your coastal patio. It is a beautiful synthetic resin wicker box that is ideal for storing cushions, blankets, tablecloths and more. Plus it’s highly weather resistant and is guaranteed to keep your outdoor items safe and dry.

The Dining

One of the most practical ways to decorate your backyard with a coastal dining theme is to add a dining table with the right colors and textures.

A typical coastal style will incorporate wicker, natural wood, or both like in the Tortuga Jakarta Teak 5-Piece Outdoor Dining Set with Wicker Chairs. Its durable hardwood table is made from grade “A” teak wood that has a bright natural glow and oozes oceanside appeal.

Jakarta Teak 5pc Outdoor Dining Set with Wicker Chairs

The four resin wicker chairs are equally stunning and long-lasting. Another great feature of this outdoor dining set is that it’s available in different wicker and Sea Pine cushion fabric choices to complement your coastal patio decorations for a tasteful look.

The Lounge

Lying down with your back slightly elevated watching the sunset or enjoying your favorite drink on a lazy sunny day, who wouldn’t love that beach experience?

Stonewick Sun lounger

This type of outdoor furniture is one of the fundamental elements of a coastal backyard or pool. Our lounge chairs come in various styles and designs, with some boasting a modern twist. .

Outdoor lounge furniture offers a super comfortable relaxing design, which fully supports your body and they go well with any space.

Choose Functional Furniture!

As we wrap up our coastal furniture ideas, we’d like to put more emphasis on functional furniture. We understand it is easy to get carried away when shopping for furniture. However, you should always think about how you’re going to use the items, not just because you like the look.

At Tortuga Outdoor, you can find all the perfect furniture pieces to elevate your outdoor space, regardless of your taste and preferences. We are an industry leader, providing top-notch quality, weather-resistant patio furniture that makes a statement and can help you achieve that cozy coastal look you’ve always wanted.

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