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1. Why don’t you use regular wicker in your products?
Regular wicker will crack and split over time and requires a regular maintenance regimen. Resin wicker is more durable and requires virtually no maintenance year after year. None of our products are manufactured using common wicker, since we know they won’t last.

2. How Long Does Regular Wicker Last?
When you put regular wicker furniture outside in the sun and rain, you can only expect it to last about 2 years, until it starts looking “aged”. Real wicker splinters after it ages, even if you repaint it. If you move it to an enclosed patio, it will last longer if it’s not in direct sunlight, however, only by another year. The elements affect wicker to a great degree. Wicker starts to break down and deteriorate after one year and then loses its beauty rapidly after that.

3. What is the Alternative to Regular Wicker?
An alternative to regular wicker is Resin Wicker, also known as All-Weather wicker. It looks like wicker, but it is made of synthetic polyethylene, which will hold up for many years, even exposed to the elements of rain, snow or direct sunlight. Resin Wicker is unyielding to the elements of water and harmful UV rays. Resin wicker won’t split or crack like simple wicker, so you can enjoy your furniture set for many years with no touch-ups to the color or surface material repairs.

4. How well does Resin Wicker hold up to outdoor conditions?
Our resin wicker is specially formulated with a UV protectant to resist fading, chipping or cracking when exposed to the elements. There is virtually no maintenance required. Should any dust or dirt collect on the surface, simply spray it with a garden hose or lightly scrub with a multipurpose brush. Our products are designed to handle the rigors of outdoor use, however, any additional steps you can take to further protect the furniture during inclement weather will increase its longevity.

5. Is there any assembly required?
Most of our products ‘do not’ require assembly. The products that will need assembly should be notated in the product’s description. This includes dining tables, rocking chairs and a few others. All the hardware, tools and instructions will be included to make the process straightforward and hassle free.

6. How Do You Clean Resin Wicker?
Resin wicker is easy to clean. You can clean this furniture with a nonabrasive cleaner and a soft scrub brush. Regular wicker is not this durable and will fray or splinter it if you scrub it.

7. How do you clean the furniture and cushions?
Since the fabric is outdoor rated (synthetic poly-spun), it will resist the absorption of most stains. A little soap and warm water should be enough to remove any dirt, grime or pollen accumulated on surface. We sell replacement cushions and slip covers if hand washing does not clean the problem area.

8. Can you leave the cushions outside in all weather conditions?
Yes. Our cushions are made from water-resistant polyester fill that does not trap water and is mold resistant.

9. Does the Color Fade on the wicker?
No, the color is throughout the material. The color is not just on top, like regular wicker, so, you can’t scrub the color off. Moreover, it has a built in UV protectant to withstand the sun's rays. All-weather wicker outlasts simple wicker in age, appearance and strength.

10. Do the cushions come with the furniture?
Yes. Choose which fabric you want and it is included in the price. We do offer upgraded fabric choices, such as Sunbrella brand fabric, for an additonal fee.

11. What is the warranty on your products?
Information on our products' warranties can be found on the “About Our Products” page.

12. How is Your Furniture Constructed?
As far as the construction of resin wicker furniture pieces, the frames are of heavier construction and weigh more than a light wicker chair. They are also more comfortable to sit in, since they offer more support. The furniture at Tortuga is constructed on a powder coated aluminum frame or steel frame that is strong and sturdy, and built to last. Tortuga Outdoor furniture collections are elegant and stylish pieces made to beautify your home, using these all-weather materials.

13. What kinds of resin wicker items do you carry?
Our outdoor all-weather furniture pieces include wicker chairs, wicker bar sets, resin wicker rocking chairs, sofas, loveseats and other wicker furniture for the patio or garden. In addition to our resin wicker product line, we also have wrought iron furniture and wood furniture. If you need outdoor furnishings of any kind, be sure to look over the site or visit our store before you buy.

14. Is Resin Wicker Expensive?
It’s not expensive at all, when you consider how long you will be able to use it. It is more economical than regular wicker, based on the value of your money and the years it will last. You won’t have to replace it like wicker, since each piece is manufactured to be high-quality, long-lasting furniture. It will retain its beauty year after year.

15. How does the furniture ship?
Most of our furniture ships safely on a pallet, via a freight company for curbside delivery, to your home or place of business. Our smaller products will ship via UPS Ground.

16. How long does shipping usually take?
Your order will be processed and ready to ship within a few business days. Depending on your location in the country, the average is 1-5 days in transit. If your order ships by freight, our carrier will call you to schedule a delivery day and time.

17. Can you split up a Portside dining or seating set?
We cannot split up the Portside sets, however, you can purchase individual pieces from our Lexington sets.

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