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We design our products with a single purpose in mind: Bang for your buck. We want our furniture to last longer, look better and be more affordable for our customers. We use synthetic resin wicker instead of normal fiber wicker, because it lasts longer. It's that easy. Our resin wicker does not crack or split over time. Resin Wicker is unyielding to the elements of water and UV rays. 'Regular' wicker will begin to break down after 2 years or so of being exposed to the elements and its color will begin to fade, because it is only colored on the top layer. Our wicker is maintenance-free and the color is throughout the wicker. You will never need to repaint it.

Tortuga Outdoor wicker furniture is rigorously tested in harsh environments before it is ever sold in our showroom or released to our dealers. We know it will hold up and last much longer than traditional wicker furniture. Cleaning our resin wicker is easy. Should any dirt or dust collect on the surface, simply spray it with a garden hose or lightly scrub with a multipurpose brush.

Our frames are constructed with reinforced powder coated aluminum. They are strong, sturdy and built to last. We only use the best materials in our products, because we understand that outdoor furniture is an investment. You work hard for your money and we think you should be entitled to quality products that will last for many years.

The design team at Tortuga Outdoor is always working on new and exciting products. We listen to our customers, both in the showroom and through our dealer network, as to what they would like to see in future offerings from us. People wanted our Lexington furniture in glider versions, so they could rock and glide in comfort as they enjoyed their outdoor living. We listened and in 2012, we released the gliding collection of Lexington furniture to rave reviews. We also heard our customers when they asked for an affordable line of wicker front porch rocking chairs. So, our design team went to work and we released the Portside Classic and Plantation rocking chairs. These have been so popular that the demand has far exceeded our expectations and the orders for those chairs have been coming in faster than we can produce them.

We here at Tortuga Outdoor, have dedicated ourselves in providing long-lasting outdoor furniture that our customers can be proud of. We are proud of our furniture and we want you to be proud to show off your new furniture, too.

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